Full fat Soya Flour is manufactured in our manufacturing facility from soybean seeds. Before processing, seeds go through a multiple stage cleaning for removal of foreign materials. The graded seed are then Cracked, de- hulled, conditioned and pulverized in hygienic & controlled condition to desired fine powder with cremy yellow colour.


  • High shelf life (More than a year)
  • Fined Grind Powder With almost no foreign material
  • Rich in portein and fibber
  • Adulteration free


  • It is used in gluten and gluten free cooking alike to improve flavor and to add a wonderful moist quality to baked goods.
  • It can also reduce the amount of fat absorbed when used in fried foods. It has binding properties, so it can reduce the need for other binding ingredients in baking, such as eggs.
  • It can also slow the rate at which baked goods go stale. A bit like natural preservative.


We do it as per customer requirements generally it's packed as bellow:

  • Packing: In 25Kg and 50Kg
  • Weight in 20ft 18-19.000 Mt
  • Delivery : Ready
  • Bags : Double Layer Poly Propylene bag
  • Packaging Method : Vacuum the bag properly and fill it with Nitrogen Gas


Protein 40% Min.
Fat Content 20 % Min
Crude Fiber 3.50% Max.
Moisture 9.00 % Max.
Total Ash 7.00 % Max.
Acid Insoluble Ash 0.35% Max.
Urease Activity 2 % Max.
Physical Form Powder
Colour Light Yellow
Smell & Taste Typically Soya 
Density 0.50 gm/cc
Sieve Analysis 95%Pass Through 20-60 Mesh ( ASTM)
Total Plate Count 10000 Cells/gm
Coliform < 10/gm.
E-Coli Nil
Salmonell Nil/25 gm
Yeast & Mould < 100 Cells/gm

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